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Welcome to Exclusive Garages in Punta Gorda Florida.  Exclusive Garages was created for people who want to own a large comfortable “man cave” for their classic cars, muscle cars, RV’s, boats, and other expensive “toys”.

Your Exclusive Garage can be customized with several different amenities to make it feel just like home.  Whether your looking for a full complete extra mezzanine level or just a nice wide screen TV, we can put together a package that you will absolutely love.

We created this for Car & RV people because that’s who we are.  We’re not developers so we know exactly what you want in your new Exclusive Garage and we look forward to showing you everything we have to offer.

All 16 of our car condos are for sale.  Click the link to reach our realtor and get all the information you’ll need to purchase your new space.
We all know what the Florida sun can do to our beloved vehicles so now you have the option of locking it up in a climate controlled spacious condo.  All 16 of our garages are 22′ x 50′ and have plenty of room for amenities.
You can take a look at your vehicles anytime from your cell phone in the comfort of your own home.  Just download the app and you can watch your prize possessions.

Amenities For Car & RV Enthusiests

Climate Control

Would you like to have an air conditioned unit so you can enjoy your new man cave while washing, fixing or admiring your possessions?

Compressed Air

One thing we’re always doing is filling up the tires.  Your new condo can be equipped with an air compressor and vacuum.

Vehicle Lift

For the car enthusiast who does his own repairs and improvements we offer affordable lift options as well.

Cable TV

Add a cable TV connection and your own TV to make your car man cave another home away from home if you want.

Shower & Bathrooms

Even though our facility is already equipped with a mens and ladies room you can always add your own bathroom with a shower if you would like.


You can add a mezzanine level to your new garage and make even more space for you and your guests to relax and enjoy your new space.

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