Large Boats

Your new man cave condo isn’t just for cars and RV’s.  Don’t forget about that beautiful boat that you’ve been storing outside in the hot sun or in the salty waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

Repairs & Improvements

If you’re like us then you like to do your own work on your cars or RV.  If not, you can always have a mechanic come to you and work on your vehicle in your new man cave condo too.


No RV is too large for our garages!  With a length of 50 feet and a width of 22 feet you will have more than enough room for your RV and probably a few other special items of your choice.


Whether you have a classic car or a brand new Ferrari, Exclusive Garages is the perfect spot to store your most prize possessions.

Keep Your Vehicles Shining

We have an area to wash your vehicles but you can always work on your car or RV in the privacy of your car man cave.